It began more than 18 years ago, with a commitment to innovation, which led to a diversified business plan, comprehensive capabilities, superior craftsmanship and intelligently directed services for the architect, developer and the business owner. It continues with a commitment to honesty, responsiveness and a determination to address specific objectives and issues in a timely manner.

We have our headquarters in Eldoret, Kenya and our operations started back in the year 2000 (Vertical Constructions-as business name) and then got incorporated in 2011 to become a limited company. The company has expanded over the years, and diversified into multifaceted business ventures operating in East and Central African Countries. We have carried out many projects in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi Central African Republic and Somalia. Vertical Constructions Ltd is specialized in, project design, vertical and horizontal construction projects and delivery of maintenance and repair
services. We understand the challenges of efficiently operating in diverse and remote locations.

Vertical Constructions Ltd has substantial experience in providing integrated solutions and delivering comprehensive projects to post-conflict zones and developing countries within the horn of Africa. Our portfolio of clients includes governments, United Nations agencies and other International agencies, embassies, non-governmental organization and private companies. Vertical Constructions Ltd.’s experience in diverse environments gives it the expertise needed to perform in the highest standard.