We offer the following services:

Road and Building Construction

VERTICAL CONSTRUCTIONS LTD offers an extensive range of construction solutions for permanent or temporary structures, civil works, road projects and other infrastructure projects. We can assist our clients in project design, planning, project management and implementation.
We have significant experience in both designing and building camps to any requirements, and providing the service solutions you need to maintain normal living conditions. We have reliable experience, capacity and ability in installation of prefabricated living/accomodation and office facilities. We also maintain such facilities in line with common engineering and camp management practices. We supply construction and engineering services you need to rapidly build without compromising on quality and safety. We guarantee the highest levels of quality, safety and technical expertise is maintained.
Water supply

Water Supply

VERTICAL CONSTRUCTIONS LTD provides its clients with a complete range of private water supply services, geological surveys, borehole drilling, installation, water treatment, water distribution and maintenance services.

Production of Precast Concrete Products

We have a huge experience in both production and installation of precast concrete products ranging from culverts, road curbs, channels, Jersey Barriers and T-Walls. We have good partnership with qualified concrete laboratories in Kenya to ascertain the quality of our products. We provide building materials where and when you need. Vertical Constructions Ltd supplies building materials for building home building, professional & contract builders. We also provide building materials including cement, concrete blocks and tiles and bags etc. We work hand in hand with our clients as we help them build their resources by giving them the building resources they need to get their job done.

Telecommunications Tower Installation.

Vertical Constructions LTD has more than five years experience in design, fabrication and installation of telecommunication towers in East and Central Africa. We have a strong maintainance team with reliable capacity and ability in delivering maintainance and repair services of communication towers and associated installations We offer quality services with professional and timely delivery of projects.

Security Installations ( CCTV )

As part of our diversification, vertical constructions ltd ventured into and has been delivering projects in the field of security and safety installations including: fire and safety systems, installation and maintenance of cctv cameras and automated security perimetre fences. In this field we have achieved tremendous success and committed to continuous improvements.
Our current on going projects: